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Chinatown’s pharmacies always fascinated me, yet very rarely I would actually step into one and explore. Today I had to pick up my bi-weekly supply of Chinese herb and so I got to hang out in the store and soak up some of its magic.
One step into Kamwo pharmacy and you are in a totally different world, on the counter are 7 pieces of paper and on each  various herb, flowers, tree shavings and other dried up wonders. All are stored in the hundreds of drawers behind the pharmacist and are being carefully measured by hand, using weights and a scale.

In 2 gallon jars around the room are more dried up berries and mushrooms, different roots and probably some animal parts, alongside the large variety of teas.

The idea that there is a whole completely different approach to medicine and healing, an entire system that analyze our body’s energies and connect every illness and ache to imbalances in our organs, diet, environment and our emotions is captivating, and the more I know the stronger I feel about accepting this idea and learning more about it.

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